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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ray Bradbury Sketch and circa 1941 Banter

"Ye Hermit of Hagerstown", Henry Warner, Jr., 303 Bryan Pl., Hagerstown, MD{?} _ for Voice - - well, it seems the only way I might be able not to get a {line?} in is to write in detail about it. Maybe that's the secret formula. Copver {?} time ("Beauty & the Bugle") of doubtful stfan {scientifiction fan} interest but doubtless of interest in other ways. No doubt about it, I don't doubt.

And there really seems to be little to say about the letters this time. Vincent Manning might be interested to know, though, that the reason I write in a fairly accurate version of English is that I'm completely a creature of habit - - more, so, perhaps than anyone I know. Every time I make a typing error I have to remember the word I did wrong, or _ to remember it at least, and make a conscious effort to get it right the next time; otherwise, it'll be wrong in practically the same way. If I do it wrong twice, then the habit is deeply enough engrained that I do the same thing wrong a long, long time. It's the same with me in everything. Therefore, I don't start to use Ackermanese, nonstopparagraphing, or any other eccentricity in letters, or I'd be bound to forget to change back when typing something important. If it weren't for that, I probably succumb to all the goofy ideas immediately and continue using them until the fad wore off.

These Australian fans give more trouble with copies of Horizons; I'm positive they're in some sort of conspiracy telling me they aren't getting their copies in an effort to corner the market on Horizons and sell later at a ridiculously high price. However, I'll probably try to find another copy of that issue of H{orizons} for Vol, although I have my doubts {as?} to my chances of success. Several guys ordering big bunches of back issues have about cleaned me out of stock.

About the little red gentleman on the editorial page, when I first opened this issue of VOM {Voice of Imagination} #11 he reminded me irresistibly of something. I spent hours over it, and then it suddenly came to me - - on a li{ttle?} ad for rather violent introductory cards that Corwin Stickney sent out with one issue of his magazine. Or at least I believe that's where I saw it; I haven't energy to look, and besides the temperature is about 10 {degrees} above in our barn-like attic and it would mean either freezing or going to all the work of putting on an overcoat.

(Well, just as well, Harry, for your search woudve {sic} been in vain; little redevil {sic} of a Marsian {sic} was swiped not from an old Amateur Correspondent ad but from something to do with a certain Sham Poo {sic}. Ditto our "Getting' in your Hair ad.)


The seller states: Description:
"Voice Of the Imagination" - April, 1941
Edited & Published by Forrest J. Ackerman & MorojoIn addition to being a striving author, the young Ray Bradbury was a fine amateur artist - especially caricatures. Bradbury is present in this issue of "VOM" not with his poetry, essays, stories or puns(!) but with his own self-caricature! Because Bradbury was a popular fan personality he also became mentioned more and more in passing: letters, commentary, etc., and is additionally noted in this issue. These fanzine appearances of the legendary "Mr. B" are some of his rarest and hardest to acquire - even for the hardcore Ray Bradbury collector! The few times they are offered they are quickly snatched up. This copy has a few small chips from the front cover and a moisture stain along the top, but internally it is a nice copy never folded for mailing

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