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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alva Rogers art

The 1945 cover art of Garden of Fear was a commission by artist Alva Rogers.

Here are two commsions from British Strange Tales (UK) the first from issue #1 February 1946.

and this one from Strange Tales #2 of March 1946.

This may have been one of the earliest commissions, Forest J Ackerman's "VOM - VOICES OF THE IMAGI-NATION"; Issue #37, Christmas, 1944; Illustrated rear cover by Alva Rogers. You can see that the Strange Tales cover is identical and basically a copy of VOM issue #37.

I can't confirm that the front cover is also Alva Rogers, but it certainly fits the artistic technique.


Rogers won a retro-Hugo with other artists for the year of 1946:

1946(awarded in 1996)
Bill Rotsler
Joe Gibson
Lou Goldstone, Jr.
Alva Rogers
Jack Wiedenbeck


Rogers was apparently a mainstay of the SF scene for decades, including this reported article: "Fandom As A Way of Life?" by Alva Rogers (Fan Guest of Honor speech Westercon XV Banquet, 1962

Thursday, January 29, 2009

1950 Lin Carter art

Auctioned and sold for $76.00. Description: This piece honors the fantasies of Dunsany and the old school, the Edgar Rice Burroughs heroes, and the newly emerging voices of Science Fiction. This artwork was published in the semi-pro-zine "The Fantasy Advertiser" edited by Roy A. Squires.

1922 letter by Walter de la Mare

Recently seen at ebay auction, a letter tucked in an Arkham book.


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