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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clark Ashton Smith Edited Typescript

The seller states: "SONG" - "Ah, let us not remember..." Signed original poetry manuscript by Clark Ashton Smith Hippocampus Press has just issued a three-volume set of "The Complete Poetry & Translations" by Clark Ashton Smith - surely the most important CAS event since the publication of "Selected Poems" by Arkham House in 1971 and I urge you all go get your copy as the printing is extremely limited! To celebrate this remarkable publication I am offering another signed poetry manuscript by Clark Ashton Smith, simply entitled "Song". I am unable to fine this particular sonnet in Donald Sidney-Fryer's bibliography, this no doubt was probabl a working title and must've been rewritten and published in a different version; I will continue researching and will fill you all in. For the nonce anyway, the half-page poem contains one word change in the author's hand, and is signed in full "Clark Ashton Smith East Auburn, Cal."

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