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Sunday, September 7, 2008

1961 Lin Carter Letter

Hannes Bok = Box 137 = Cathedral Station = New York 25, NY = 11/16/61

Dear JEV:

I'd rather have liked to start out with, "Chanber of the Ugsome Gugglies; Hour of the Purple Swordfish; Year of the Ten Pickled Viffenyiggles", but I'm not good at it – but still get such openings via poet Lin carter's correspondence. Dannit, all my Lovecraft stuff is buried away in a mountain of cartons, so no chance to read it in over 5 years.

Re your being a cat-lover, this automatically makes you a good Joe (beg pardon, good John) and so I am woeful to have to tell you that right after cats of Ulthar tailpiece (you asked about) appeared, Mrs. Gnaedinger wheedled me into giving it to her to give to some fan (I think it was Darrell Richardson, but not sure).

Rather wish I could sales-pitch you by describing other cat-pictures I have for sale, but the truth is, I haven't any – and come to think of it, I may be missing-out on something good; every picture in which I used cats has sold almost as fast as painted. H'm, it gives me pause . .

Your name (Vetter) has been haunting me at least a dozen years. We had a family of Vetters up the block (Brothers, Phillip & John) and though I've never met them, only heard of them, their affairs somehow seem to keep intruding on mine; as for example, when fire burned them out of their apartment, WHY did I have to find Phillip's autograph-book on the stairway to the roof (where only I ever go) and HOW did it ever get there?

'Tis a puzzlement.

Thanks for your good note, and sorry I can't assist (sorry too to miss out on a sale!).

With yuggered yibbins,


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