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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lin Carter Drafted! Plus Roy Squires and Illustrator Roy Hunt


Howdy podner: Feb FA {February 1951 Vol. 4 #6 Fantasy Advertiser} came, and pretty good it is, even without any of my articles or pix (this is a subtle hint). Coblentz had a middlin' interesting article: he should have given examples. I rather liked Clarke's long, rambling essay. - - cover this issue not-so-hot. This is Roy Hunt? Ghaa. Nothing to it, nothing new, fresh, original, just a f*cking comet moving by something-or-other. Let's see Grossman or somebody. Neil Austin. --Aristrom's pic on pg. 8 veddy {sic} good. -- Are you sure that double-spread out on pgs 17-18 isn't a set for Destination You-kno-What? Looks muchly like it, but according to what I understand, it's something from Galactic Pat. -- NEWS ITEM: I is jest been drafted. Report for physical Feb. 9th. Louses up my plans for my fanzine, but hope to have my first privately-pubbed collection of poems out before I go. will have an advert for you soon. How much is a full-pager, six$? Nice ish {issue}.

Lin Carter.

The seller (Terrence McVicker) states: "Howdy podner: _ _ _ _"
Original Signed Postcard from Lin Carter to Roy Squires, editor of "The Fantasy Advertiser", posted "Jan, 31, 1951"

Before becoming a much published author and editor in the field of Fantasy, Lin Carter was an enthusiastic fan and collector. Roy Squires - publisher and friend to Ray Bradbury and Clark Ashton Smith, was at this time editing and publishing the much admired magazine devoted to collecting Fantasy and Science Fiction literature, entitled "The Fantasy Advertiser" which later became "The Science Fiction Advertiser" . Lin Carter was contributing articles to "TFA" and comments "FA came today and pretty good it is even without any of my articles or pix" (this is a subtle hint)"...Carter comments on various authors and artists - Arthur C. Clarke, Jon Arfstrom (Weird Tales artist) Roy Hunt (another artist) Neil Austin (artist) and in the wake of this enthusiasm notes...'NEWS ITEM: I is jest been drafted. Report for physical Feb 9th. Louses up my plans for my fanzine..." A lighthearted little card with good banter.

Signed in full "Lin Carter"
As to the Fantasy Advertiser:
36 pages, cover is by Roy Hunt with highlights:
AE Van Vogt - The House That Stood Still , Aleandre Dumas - The Wolf Leader , and others
Stanton Coblentz - The Older Science Fiction Magazines
Arthur C Clarke - Space Travel In Science Fiction
Bob Silverberg - The Antiquarian Bookshelf

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