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Thursday, September 11, 2008

1937 Novae Terrae

The seller states: "NOVAE TERRAE " - October, 1937
Edited by Maurice K. Hanson, Associate editors Ed ward J. Carnell & Arthur C. Clarke
The singular honor of the 1st British Fanzine goes to "Novae Terrae" founded in 1936.
"N. T." would publish the young Arthur C. Clarke, and William F. Temple - not forgetting to mentioning such British notables as Ted Carnell, D. R. Smith, Eric C. Williams, S. Youd, and young American Claire Beck brings news from back home that the Science Fiction tales of the late Howard Phillips Lovecraft (HPL had died in March of 1937) published in "Astounding" "...were shortened by more than two-thousand words"...with an additional page of commentary on Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.

A very good copy with a small moisture stain in upper right-hand corner.

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