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Saturday, September 13, 2008

National Fantasy Fan Jan. 1968

The official organ of The National Fantasy Fan Federation Volume 27, Number 3. Editor and Publisher: Don Miller January, 1966 EDITOR’S NOTES Since this is the first issue under a new editorship, it would seem appropriate to say a few words at the beginning of the issue concerning our plans and editorial policy for the forthcoming year. TNFF will be monthly during 1968. Most of the issues will be 10 pages in length, and will be mailed to all members via 1st-class mail; however, time, money, and material permitting, we will try to get out an occasional 20-page, 3rd-class issue —- we make no promises, however. Editorials will be kept to the minimum, to conserve space and save wear and tear on the members. Oh, yes -- from this point on we will no longer use the editorial “we”, but will stick to the plain and ordinary first—person singular, “I”; this will avoid confusion between editorial opinions and official club policy (and will also please Don Franson). However, if /w/e/ I occasionally slip and use "we" instead of “I”, please forgive /u/s/ me; with 100% use of the editorial “we” in all of my other magazines, it will be very difficult for me to remember (I even find myself using “we” in conversation!). As stated in TIGHTBEAM #46, the primary focus of TNFF during 1968 will be on club news and activities, with strong secondary emphasis on news and activities of “outside” fandom; the remaining space will be filled with general material, with special reference on timely reviews of books, magazines, fanzines, movies, etc. Volunteers are urgently needed to: 1. Keep me posted on apa activity; 2. Keep me posted on forthcoming conventions and other club and regional activities of general interest; 3. Keep me posted on news of time, place, and program (if any) of clubs around the country (this can be done on a regional, or even an individual club, basis -- certainly with more than one person involved In the reporting); 4. Keep me posted on clubs, conventions, and other fannish news from outside the U.S.; 5. Keep me posted on forthcoming movies, TV shows, books, magazines, etc. (again, probably involving more than one reporter); 6. Review fanzines; 7. Review prozines; 8. Review books; 9. Review movies, TV shows, etc. Don’t force me to have to rely exclusively upon my WSFA JOURNAL sources for extra material for TNFF —- N3F certainly has enough members to be able to develop its own sourcesl
In brief-1967 NFFF Story Contest winners: 1st Prize ($20), “The Feline Technique” by Doris ‘ Beetem; 2nd Prize ($15), “The Seeding” by Evelyn Lief; 3rd Prize ($10), “The SAH Effect” ‘by Chet Gottfried.
(Source: THE WSFA JOURNL #51) If your report, etc.,doesn’t appear in this issue, it’s because we don’t have it yet. We are typing this issue on Jan. 2, and are including every bit of N3F material on hand. (Undoubtedly something will arrive in tomorrow's mail) Deadline for each issue will be on the last day of the preceding month -— so mail early -- if I don’t have it by the deadline, it will have to wait until the next issue. (Sorry about those “we’s” earlier in this paragraph, Don.) “The Con Game” in this issue was reprinted from THE WSFA JOURNAL #51. DLM

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