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Friday, September 5, 2008

Carl Jacobi & Clark Ashton Smith (1936)

The seller states: "Dear Friend Smith" - Signed original letter from Carl Jacobi to Clark Ashton Smith Friendly and interesting letter from "Weird Tales" - Arkham House author to fellow "Weird Tales" - Arkham House author! Carl Jacobi thanks Smith for recommending a lawyer, enabling Jacobi to recover from Hugo Gernsback the author's fees due him. Jacobi also notes other markets he's sold to and recommends to CAS. And the author closes - "I'd like to hear from you" and is signed "Jacobi". The nifty illustration is unsigned but I believe it is the work of Vincent Napoli; I'll continue digging and see if I can verify the artist. Letters between "Weird Tales" authors is not common!

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