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Monday, September 29, 2008

Even 47 years ago, fans were fans ...

Discord: Edited and published by Redd Boggs
Number 13, July 1961

A Stir of Hugo.

This day my co-editor Marion {Zimmer-Bradley} called me a reteh. I wonder what is a reteh? You are an ungrateful reteh she said if you intend to let this issue go by without saying to everybody I am glad Discord was nominated for Hugo. I said but Habecua or Who killed Science Fiction? Or Yandra or Shaggy or Fanas will win. Oh mygod mygod she said what do you care? The big thing is to be nominated for Hugo. I will have bad anger she said if you don't tell thanks to all. Will you hang from ceiling and drip green if I don't I said. No she said I will stand here and tell you go hang boy.

Marion is a pretty I know. A pretty stubborn female. She would do as she said and I would have to do as she said too. And she is right all times. So I say thanks to all people. I am so happy at nomination of Discord for Hugo I run on the walls and laugh loud and screech hip-hooray. And Marion thanks you too.

David's Daughter Ann is Two

Two years ago this month Discord was founded (under the title Retrograde), but this seems hardly the occasion for an annish {anniversary issue}. After all, nine months intervened between the publication of the first and second issues, and the magazine was not established on a regular basis till April 1960. However, since a number of policy changes have been made and will be made, this may be the proper occasion for writing one of those tiresome editorials concerning the magazine itself which I prefer to avoid as often as possible. Here's the way it looks from here:

Subscriptions: Reader response to issue #13 was very good, though below the level I think it should attain on a fanzine exchanged for letters of comment. It seems likely that Discord has reached the point where readers take it for granted and feel that it will continue without much further encouragement, and Marion and I foresee that reader response – barring the advent of some furious controversy – will never again reach the level it reached last summer and autumn.


The JULY 1961 issue of the fanzine DISCORD (a journal of personal opinion), Number 13, co-edited and published by Redd BOGGS (Minneapolis, MN.) and Marion Zimmer BRADLEY (Rochester, TX.), featuring:
Cogito (A Stir of Hugos; David’s Daughter Ann is Two; Discordant Colors) ..Editorial
Voices of Discord (After 1929—What?) …Algis BUDRYS
Reviewing Stand…Magazine Reviews (by Marion Z. BRADLEY)
A Meeting of Minds…Readers Department (A. J. BUDRYS, Bob LICHTMAN, Avram DAVIDSON, Donald A. WOLLHEIM, Leslie GERBER, et al.)
Artwork: William ROTSLER, Arthur THOMSON, Dick SCHULTZ
14 pages.


Anonymous said...


I really enjoy this blog. Have you ever thought about migrating it over to LiveJournal? It seems like there's a larger community of sci-fi/pulp readers over there, and you might get a little more discussion about some of these fantastic finds thereabouts.

--Erik Mona
Planet Stories

Chris Perridas said...


Thank you for the idea. I'm spread so thin these days that I don't think I can take on another blog site, to learn yet another format, though I'm sure Live Journal is fine. I do go there and visit from time to time. :)

I'm also in a quandary what to do with this particular blog, and what it's future will be. It's sort of an experiment right now.


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