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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Pulp Examples



December 28, 1929 ARGOSY Murray Leinster story CITY OF THE BLIND.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lester Del Rey Anthology (1975)

Flying Saucers: Fact And Fiction (1968)

Flying Saucers: Fact And Fiction (1968), Lancer # 74-953, , ed. Hans Stefan Santesson (75 cents).
The Flying Saucer Myth, Lester Del Rey 1957
Now Meet the Nonterrestrial, Ivan Sanderson 1958
Welcome, Stranger, Robert Bloch 1957
Our Saucer Vacation, Fritz Leiber 1958
A Saucer of Loneliness, Theodore Sturgeon 1953
Amused Visitor, John Stephens (original with this anthology)
The Night Before Christmas, Nancy Forsythe Coe 1959
Neither Snow Nor Rain, Miriam Allen deFord 1959
Sense of Wonder, Bertram Chandler 1958
Cassidy's Saucer, Edward D. Hoch (original with this anthology)
Pickup, Aidan van Alm 1959
Little Green Men, John Nicholson 1958
Exile From Space, Judith Merril 1956
Press Conference, Richard Wilson 1953

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Conan Comics circa 1970-1971 (Paperbacks 1978)

These covers are from the 1978 reprint paperbacks.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Classical Music Weird Tale

I came across a used cd called "Classics from the Crypt" {RCA Victor09026-61238-2} which might just be the kind of thing HP Lovecraft's Ol' Erich Zann tuned up with:

Bach: Toccatta & Fugue in D Minor
Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre
Gound: Funeral March of a Marionette
Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain
Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (March to the Scaffold)
Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite 1 (In the Hall of the Mountain King)
Liszt: Mephisto WaltzDukas: The Sorceror's Apprentice
Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (Dream of a Witches' Sabbath)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Varney the Vampire

Leo Marguiles

The selctions in Worlds of Weird were made by Leo Marguiles. Lovecraft was both fan, critic, and collector of all newsworthy information in the genre field. Most people know he had pet names for everyone - especially if you were on his bad side. "Hugo the Rat" was Hugo Gernsback.

[11 March 1936, HPL to RH Barlow] ...Wonder Stories sold by Hugo the Rat to the Marguiles group which {Frank} Belknap {Long, Jr.} likes so well. Had a letter from Marguiles asking for stuff {=stories} & promisng good rates, but just now I have nothing to submit.

ST Joshi & David Schultz say: Leo Marguiles (1900-1975) American editor and anthologist. He was editor-in-chief of Standard magazines, which purchased Wonder Stories from Hugo Gernsback in April 1936.

Worlds of Weird: Sam Moskowitz

Here are two editions of the book.

The one with Brundage's illustration of "Bat Girl" was Jove 0-515-04826-7 ($1.50) and it states: September 1978, two previous printings. It mentions (c) 1965. The other edition is Pyramid R-1125, 1st printing January 1965 & (c) Pyramid Books. One must suppose that Jove bought out Pyramid. Jove was Harcourt Brace Jovonovich.
Roads, Seabury Quinn, Jan. 1938
Valley of the Worm, R E Howard, Feb. 1934
The Sapphire Goddess, Nictzin Dyalhis, Feb. 1934
The Thing in the Cellar, David H Keller, Mar 1932
He That Hath Wings, Edmond Hamilton, Jul 1938
Mother of Toads, Clark Ashton Smith, Jul 1938
Giants in the Sky, Frank Belknap Long, Jr. , Aug 1939

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frank Belknap Long as Lyda Belknap Long

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Irving S Cobb, Fishhead, no date given
Camera Obscura, Basil Copper. 1965
A Death in the Family, Miriam Allen deFord, 1961
The Knife, Robert Arthur, 1951
Casablanca, Thomas M Disch, 1967
The Raod to Mictlanteculti, Adobe James, 1965
Guide to Doom, Ellis Peters, 1963
The Estuary, Margaret St. Claire, 1950
Tough Town, William Sambrot, 1957
The Troll, T H White, no date given
Evening at the Black House, Robert Somerlott, 1964
One of the Dead, William Wood, 1964
The Real Thing, Robert Sprecht, 1966
Joureny to Death, Donald E Westlake, 1959
The Master of the Hounds, Algin Burdrys, 1966
The Candidate, Henry Slesar, 1961
It, Theodore Sturgeon, 1940

L Sprague de Camp: Lost Continents

Not exactly horror, but it did collect a huge amount of speculation on lost continent lore.
This is the Ballantine 24379 edition ($1.95) 1975 (original 1954).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Merritt

Sunday, January 13, 2008



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More Groff Conklin Books

Groff Conklin Books

1958 The Graveyard Reader (Ballantine)


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Nybor: Jim Odbert

From Whipsres 10

Jim Odbert (1936 - ) A graduate from the Minneapolis School of Art. Sometimes uses name "Nybor". Owned and operated art studios in Minneapolis and New York City and is known for his black and white SF illustrations. In 1985 he gave up ties, tails, and cocktail parties and moved to West Virginia to create art he wanted to create. The artist has been colorblind since birth.

Odbert adopted the alternative name when he became a pagan. He's won many awards, including "Artist of the Year" by the WPPA several years running. Most recently, his painting "Kiss of Ages" was Judges Choice at the Millenium Philcon World Science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia in September 2001.

His recent project was a tarot deck of cards designed to his specifications.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Algernon Blackwood

As a teenager

Later in Life

1977 The Dracula Book ... Jove

I've had this copy for a while. I like the portrayal of Lugosi-as-Dracula and the other cast of characters.
Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu
Dracula's Guest" by Bram Stoker
Le Horla by Guy de Maupassant
The Sad Story of a Vampire by Count Stenbock
Good Lady Ducayne by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The Tomb of Sarah by F.G. Loring
For the Blood Is the Life by F. Marion Crawford
The Room in the Tower and Mrs. Amworth by E.F. Benson
The Transfer by Algernon Blackwood
The Vampire by Jan Neruda
Four Wooden Stakes by Victor Roman
An Authenticated Vampire Story by Dr. Franz Hartmann
The Dracula Book of F=Great Vampire Stories, ed. Leslie Shepherd, Jove, (c) 1977, but Jove edition March 1978. 0-515-04506-3
Shepherd is British, and known as a collector of Stoker's original works and other works on vampires. I've not tracked down anything additional.

I found this brief bio on "Rowena": Rowena Morrill, better known as Rowena, is one of the top cover illustrators in science fiction and fantasy. Her incredible body of work includes over 300 book covers. Rowena began her career in New York City where she lived for sixteen years. She presently lives in upstate New York gaining creative inspiration from the beautiful countryside. I found her web site here:

Irv Docktor ... Illustrator

From a February 2003 biography.

Irv Docktor was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. A graduate of Central High School, he
received a four-year scholarship to The University of the Arts – Philadelphia. In addition, he received scholarships to the Barnes Foundation and the Brooklyn Museum Art School. He served in World War II.

After moving to New York with his wife and three children, he began to do freelance painting and illustration. Amongst the books he has illustrated are “War and Peace,” “Brothers Karamazov,” “Giant Book of American Folklore,” “Eight Tales of Mystery,” by Edgar Allan Poe, and many others.

Besides illustrating books, he made paintings for record album covers, and posters for Broadway
plays including: “Tea and Sympathy” and “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”. He has taught illustration, life drawing and painting, and watercolor at the High School of Art and Design – NY and the Newark School of Fine Art.

Now he devotes full time to painting and exhibiting. His paintings span the latitude from
classical form to Expressionism. Encompassed within the sphere of his work are: portraiture,
figure study and scenic design and all in a variety of artistic media. His love of anatomical beauty, of face and physique, and of form, texture and color permeate his beautiful creations.
Irv has exhibited in numerous major invitational shows, and has had several one-man shows.
He has won many prestigious awards including several, “Best of Show”.

Amongst his memberships are the Salmagundi Club, Pastel Society of America, Garden State
Watercolor Society, New Jersey Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia
Watercolor Society, New Jersey American Artists Professional League, Northeast Watercolor
Society, Ridgewood Art Institute, Ringwood Manor Art Association, and The Society of

Classically trained, Irv’s free, poetic brush strokes and use of color enhance the imaginative and
original quality of his work.

He currently resides with his wife in Fort Lee, NJ.

Biography as provided by Irk Docktor

1963 Scholastic's Stories of Suspense

I got this today (5 January 2007) at the used book store on the $2 rack. It has these interesting stories:
The Birds, Daphne du Maurier (1952) originally in Kiss Me Again, Stranger
Of Missing Persons, Jack Finney (1955/1956) originally in The Third Level
Midnight Blue, John Collier (1956) originally in The New Yorker
Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes (1959) originally in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - one of my favorite stories of all times, and so poignant.
Taste, Roald Dahl (1951) originally in Someone Like You
Two Bottles of Relish, Lord Dunsany (1936) by Story Magazine
Charles, Shirley Jackson (1948/1949) originally in The Lottery
Contents of the Dead Man's Pockets, Jack Finney (1955/1956) originally in The Third Level
The Perfectionist, Margaret St. Clair (1946)
Stories of Suspense, unknown editor, illustrated by Irv Docktor, 1963, 3rd printing, Scholastic, T487

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Edmond Hamilton

Lovecraft had mixed comments about Hamilton. He did say, "(2 Sept 1931) ... Hamilton has a few clever ideas, but uses the same plot over and over again ... (19 March 1934) ... Hamilton has infinite talent despite the routine stuff he turns out under commercial pressures - few stories have impressed me more than his "Monster Gods of Marmuth...".
Below is a copy of his 1951 Crest edition of City at World's End.

It starts:

Kensington realized afterward that it was like death. You knew you were going to die someday, but you didn't believe it. He had known that there was danger of the long dreaded atomic war beginning with a sneak punch, but he hadn't really believed it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


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