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Monday, September 22, 2008

An Early (High School?) Story by Lin Carter

This fragment was exhibited in a recent auction on the ebayeum

My Uncle Who Is A Mad Scientist
by Lin Carter

My Uncle Bolivar was as friendly and interesting a person as you'd care to meet. He had only one slight disadvantage. He wanted to be a Mad Scientist.

As a boy, I was simply fascinated by him. I used to spend hours on end in his Secret Laboratory (which was in the attic and could only be reached by a rickety stairway) watching him building time machines or disintegrating rays or some such jolly gadget.

His secret Laboratory was a wonderful place. It was long and narrow and had a sloping ceiling that leaked on rainy days. Along one wall he had a long workbench cluttered with tools and things. He had a pickled brain in a flask, acting as a paper-weight. In one corner stood a half finished robot he was using as a halltree, and in another corner stood a Little Gem Home Model Cyclotron, in which he kept his Scotch.

All his leisure time was spent in devising new ways to conquer the Earth and making inventions. First he invented a heat ray. He wanted { further text available}.

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