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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joe Shuster (a)

FUNNYMAN Issue: 6 Page: 2 (from 1st part of story) (LARGE ART - 1948)Media Type: Pencil and Ink Art Type: Interior PageArtist(s): Joe Shuster (pencils) Check out this piece of comicbook HISTORY! When Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster lost their battle with DC Comics over the ownership rights to SUPERMAN, they decided in the mid 1940s to create ANOTHER Superhero that they could claim ownership of, and thus they created the SUPERHERO known as "FUNNYMAN" a man who disguised himself in a clown outfit while wearing a big nose to hide his secret identity! The way he would defeat the evil villains of each story is that he had DOZENS of different gadgets inside his clown pants and outfit to defeat the bad guys and solve the crimes! Unfortunately this title only lasted 6 issues and this page was from the VERY last issue of FUNNYMAN! At this point in his art career Joe Shuster was not doing much art drawing but the consensus from most art historians is that Joe Shuster at the bare minimum did layout pencils to full pencils and that various studio artists at the SHUSTER ART STUDIO in Cleveland Ohio finished the rest of the artwork! So don't miss out on this BEAUTIFUL ALL OUT "ACTION" page with FUNNYMAN battling the bad guys throughout! I do have a copy of the Funnyman #6 comicbook which is signed by JERRY SIEGEL and JOE SHUSTER (This comicbook is in my collection) but this fact tells us that SHUSTER and SIEGEL had a major hand in this FUNNYMAN title and these stories! This art page is drawn VERY large with an actual art image measuring 12.5 inches wide by 18 inches tall on a much larger art board! So don't miss out on your chance to get a VERY affordable almost 60 year old art page by the art team and studio that created the most iconic Superhero ever.... "SUPERMAN" less than 10 years earlier!

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