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Friday, June 20, 2008

Illustrated A Merritt (The Face in the Abyss)

THE FACE IN THE ABYSS by By A. Merritt from ARGOSYcomplete 1923. The image is small, but the image can be seen distinctly. Apparently it's not so short: a bit less than 94,000 words.
Here is a portion of the text. The entire text can be dowloaded here.
She crossed to the little knoll and picked up the spears. She held one out to him, the one that bore the emerald point.
"This," she said, "to remember--Suarra."
"No," he thrust it back. "Go!"
If the others saw that jewel, never, he knew, would he be able to start them on the back trail--if they could find it. Starrett had seen it, of course, but he might be able to convince them that Starrett's story was only a drunken dream.
The girl studied him--a quickened interest in her eyes.
She slipped the bracelets from her arms, held them out to him with the three spears.
"Will you take these--and leave your comrades?" she asked. "Here are gold and gems. They are treasure. They are what you have been seeking. Take them. Take them and go, leaving that man here. Consent--and I will show you a way out of this forbidden land."
Graydon hesitated. The emerald alone was worth a fortune.

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