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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jerry Siegel 1950 comic

For only $17,900.

The seller states: Very rare Alex Schomburg Splash Page Original Art from a one-shot "Jon Juan" published in 1950, it featured the only story interiors drawn by Alex and was written by Jerry Siegel of of Superman fame. Alex was the greatest cover artist of the Golden Age, famous for his depiction of Timely superheroes, originals of which are extraordinarily rare. He was known for incredible airbrush work and good girls, examples of which are visible in this piece.
Alex Schomburg recreation art, of which there are many fine examples, is highly valued and sought after. His original art is extremely rare and there are only a handful of pieces still existing. This is your opportunity to own one of those pieces that includes an image of a good girl as well as a plotting killer in a fez and a robust hero. A previous owner obtained Alex Schomburg's signature in the lower right margin of this piece.

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