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Friday, January 18, 2008

Worlds of Weird: Sam Moskowitz

Here are two editions of the book.

The one with Brundage's illustration of "Bat Girl" was Jove 0-515-04826-7 ($1.50) and it states: September 1978, two previous printings. It mentions (c) 1965. The other edition is Pyramid R-1125, 1st printing January 1965 & (c) Pyramid Books. One must suppose that Jove bought out Pyramid. Jove was Harcourt Brace Jovonovich.
Roads, Seabury Quinn, Jan. 1938
Valley of the Worm, R E Howard, Feb. 1934
The Sapphire Goddess, Nictzin Dyalhis, Feb. 1934
The Thing in the Cellar, David H Keller, Mar 1932
He That Hath Wings, Edmond Hamilton, Jul 1938
Mother of Toads, Clark Ashton Smith, Jul 1938
Giants in the Sky, Frank Belknap Long, Jr. , Aug 1939

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