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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Irving S Cobb, Fishhead, no date given
Camera Obscura, Basil Copper. 1965
A Death in the Family, Miriam Allen deFord, 1961
The Knife, Robert Arthur, 1951
Casablanca, Thomas M Disch, 1967
The Raod to Mictlanteculti, Adobe James, 1965
Guide to Doom, Ellis Peters, 1963
The Estuary, Margaret St. Claire, 1950
Tough Town, William Sambrot, 1957
The Troll, T H White, no date given
Evening at the Black House, Robert Somerlott, 1964
One of the Dead, William Wood, 1964
The Real Thing, Robert Sprecht, 1966
Joureny to Death, Donald E Westlake, 1959
The Master of the Hounds, Algin Burdrys, 1966
The Candidate, Henry Slesar, 1961
It, Theodore Sturgeon, 1940

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