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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Nybor: Jim Odbert

From Whipsres 10

Jim Odbert (1936 - ) A graduate from the Minneapolis School of Art. Sometimes uses name "Nybor". Owned and operated art studios in Minneapolis and New York City and is known for his black and white SF illustrations. In 1985 he gave up ties, tails, and cocktail parties and moved to West Virginia to create art he wanted to create. The artist has been colorblind since birth.

Odbert adopted the alternative name when he became a pagan. He's won many awards, including "Artist of the Year" by the WPPA several years running. Most recently, his painting "Kiss of Ages" was Judges Choice at the Millenium Philcon World Science Fiction Convention in Philadelphia in September 2001.

His recent project was a tarot deck of cards designed to his specifications.


Jeff said...

"recent?" I reserved a deck from him in 1987. Did he finally finish the thing?!?!

Unknown said...

I saw it in progress after Ecumenicon in 1993.


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