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Friday, January 18, 2008

Leo Marguiles

The selctions in Worlds of Weird were made by Leo Marguiles. Lovecraft was both fan, critic, and collector of all newsworthy information in the genre field. Most people know he had pet names for everyone - especially if you were on his bad side. "Hugo the Rat" was Hugo Gernsback.

[11 March 1936, HPL to RH Barlow] ...Wonder Stories sold by Hugo the Rat to the Marguiles group which {Frank} Belknap {Long, Jr.} likes so well. Had a letter from Marguiles asking for stuff {=stories} & promisng good rates, but just now I have nothing to submit.

ST Joshi & David Schultz say: Leo Marguiles (1900-1975) American editor and anthologist. He was editor-in-chief of Standard magazines, which purchased Wonder Stories from Hugo Gernsback in April 1936.

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