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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wandrei: Issues

Wandrei, Donald. TWO AUTOGRAPH LETTERS SIGNED (ALsS). Each one page, on onionskin paper, dated 12 May 1974 and 26 May 1974, to Kirby McCauley, his literary agent, both signed "Don.". The first letter recounts some of the author's health problems as well as those of fantasy author Carl Jacobi, whom he says he plans to go visit as soon as his neighbor Richard L. Tierney, another fantasy author, gets his car fixed - and Tierney hasn't been feeling that well either. Wandrei mentions of some business involving an anthology edited Isaac Asimov containing one of his stories and a royalty check received from Doubleday. The second letter mentions a court case to which Wandrei was a party, apparently involving copyright and contract matters (probably his suit against Arkham House). He urges Kirby to study up on copyright law to make himself a better agent, and closes with some more kvetching and commiserating over health problems. Both letters have old creases where folded for mailing, the first letter has a chip in the upper right margin not affecting content, else both very good to near fine. (#100305)

Wandrei, Donald. FACSIMILE [PHOTOCOPY] AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED (ANS). 1/4 page, dated 27 April 1979, without salutation but enclosed in an envelope with Wandrei's holograph return address, addressed in his hand to T.E.D. Klein. A photocopy on sheet of legal-sized paper of a newspaper clipping annotated by Wandrei. The clipping, from the 21 April 1979 issue of THE DISPATCH, a St. Paul, Minnesota newspaper, is a review of Peter Straub's just-published GHOST STORY. Wandrei appears to be quite exercised by the review and the book itself, perhaps because one of the novel's characters, "a writer of ghost stories," is named Don Wanderley, an obvious nod to Wandrei from Straub, who named other characters in this novel after such figures as Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry James. Wandrei says he has made efforts, unsuccessful so far, to track down the reviewer and closes with the rather ominous statement, "Inquiry has begun." This document, mailed to Klein, was apparently part of that inquiry, not addressed to any individual so that Wandrei could make multiple copies of it and send them to various associates. Wandrei was one of the cofounders, with August Derleth, of Arkham House. Klein is an author and editor of sf and fantasy. Old creases where folded for mailing, near fine. (#100304)

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