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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back From Seeing Dracula (1931)

Wow, it was great to sit in the Louisville Palace and experience Dracula on the big screen. Someone behind me said aloud, "This place looks like the places our grandparents would have seen this movie." And so true.

The film was not pristine, but probably resembled the print that the audience in 1931 would have seen. Many would not have seen an oppossum or an armadillo and would have been revolted. Others, like those of us in the audience who rcognized the critters, snickered a bit, or wondered if Dracula imported them?

Browning, of course, grew up in and around Louisville, and was very familiar with 'possums.

All in all, an enjoyable $5 ticket.

I scanned in parts of the brochure, which is also cool.

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