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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

August Derleth in Sept 1936 Scribner's

[Derleth to HPL, 3 August 1936]

I went off on a four day vacation last weekend, beginning Wednesday, and returned home on Saturday evening to find a stack of letterssufficiently high to keep me busy most of Sunday and part of this morning, before the mails for today start coming. I also found the New Republic, issue 5 now out, is using my poem, Evenings at Wisconsin, and that the August issue of Scribner's announced fiction by Augus Derleth in its September issue, which means that they are using The Old Lady Turns the Other Cheek, since that is the only one htye have left, though they have another under consideration now

[HPL to Derleth, 22 August 1936] ...Congratulations on Scribners and New Republic contributions.

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