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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (1933)

SCIENCE FICTION FANZINE #4 includes the concept of SUPERMAN 1933
Starting bid: $3,499.99
Issue: V.1 #4Year: 1933

The seller states: Very Rare Fanzine produced by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster when they were a couple of young Science Fiction fans in Cleveland, OH. Their concept for Superman first appeared in the third issue of this title. This issue features King Kong and the 1933 World's Fair. This is a mimeo fanzine that originally had about 50 - 100 copies printed. Overall there were 5 issues produced. A decade ago the set of 5 (in heavily restored condition) sold at auction for almost $20,000. In over 4 decades of collecting this is the only copy of any of the issues that we have had. Obviously not many copies have survived the 75 years since they were printed. this copy is in VG condition with slightly rusty staples. The mimeo quality is a bit fuzzy on a couple of pages. This was published by young kids and is a cornerstone of science fiction and comic book history.

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