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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fantasy Times # 71 (1948)

The only details are that this 'zine is from Fandom House 1948
12 pages cover John Giunta
with essays on
Xerography - Ray Van Houten
Fantasy In Radio And TV
Book Notes

John Giunta (1920-1970) was an artist that focused on the fantastic.
He's listed in his early career:
Art Director: 1939 Scienti-Tales [fanzine]
BERNARD BAILY STUDIO (pen/ink/) 1944
CHESLER STUDIO (let/col/) 1938-39
FUNNIES INC. (pen/ink/) c1941-c45
CISCO KID, THE (pen/ink/) 1944
Covers (pen/ink/) 1944-45
FUNNYMAN (pen/ink/) 1944 (A Shuster and Siegel item}
HURRY KANE (pen/ink/) c1945 unconfirmed
MR. LUCIFER (pen/some ink/) 1945-46
MAGICIAN FROM MARS (pen/ink/) 1939-40
Text (wr/) c1939 about fanzines
SNOWMAN (pen/) 1944

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