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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fantasy Review Vol.1 No. 6 Dec 1947 – Jan 1948

Fantasy Review Vol.1 No. 6 Dec '47 – Jan '48


With this issue of Fantasy Review completes a year of publication within its new lease on life. During that time it has gained a staunch following of readers which is still growing and extending to many parts of the world. There is evidence that all have found it of inestimable value in their pursuance of fantasy-fiction as an abiding interest, or as one which some had neglected for lack of a reliable source of information and guidance in the field. To others it has made apparent for the first time the full extent of the medium and aroused in them an enthusiasm which has been reflected in their letters.

Fantasy Review is, manifestly, fulfilling a unique service, not only to its devotees but to fantasy-fiction itself. Through all its critical articles and reviews it is performing a desirable function in maintaining and improving the standards of the literature it covers. By providing a contact between writers, editors, publishers and readers it is assisting all concerned towards a better appreciation of their activities and their varying points of view. As a means whereby all may ventilate their opinions, it has already proved itself an essential to the healthy development of the medium on both sides of the Atlantic.

For the future, Fantasy Review has many plans for the further expansion of the interests it fosters and caters for as adequately as it can in these days of austerity. As we proceed we shall introduce new features whenever space allows and continue to present the best available articles to interest our widening circle of readers. Our book reviews, which have brought countless expressions of appreciation for their discerning and informative character, will always be an important feature of each issue. In the series of interviews with famous fantasy writers, we have many interesting personalities to present, including Dr. Edward E. Smith, creator of the popular "Lensman" stories.

If a subscription blank is enclosed, it means that your subscription has expired with this issue. You would be well advised to renew it without delay, before you run the risk of missing our next or subsequent issues – and please note the new address to which all communications should be sent. We look forward to hearing from any of our readers who have not yet sent us their suggestions or criticisms, and to the letters we invite from all for the new feature we have introduced in this issue. - Fantasy Forum.

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