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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Robert Bloch Letter (1978)

January, 1978
Autograph letter signed from Robert Bloch with some interesting commentary..."(Marion Zimmer Bradley) the more I read her recent articles on the state of the genre the more impressed I become with her insight-and as for personal reminiscences like thie one, they're a sheer delight........" and on Hugo Gernsback..."I must say I agree that he doesn't deserve to have an award named after him, but then, who does?" // Robert Bloch was one of the legends in the genre his "Psycho", "Yours Truly Jack the Ripper", and "The Hell-Bound Train" are classics. A wonderful addition to your collection. // Nice example of Robert Bloch signature.

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lartronics said...

I do not understand why Hugo Gernsback keeps getting beaten up. He did, after all, make science fiction into a respected form of literature. He did publish the first magazines featuring storys in that Genre. He was a major force in the business of sci-fi. I know, because I was hired by him for his publication Radio-Electronics in the 50's.

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The manuscript was found while I was in the process of closing down Gernsback Publications Inc. in 2003. It was apparently written some time in the 1950’s. It covers all the areas that Hugo found interesting: wireless communications, science fiction, publishing, patents, foretelling the future, and much more.

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