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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obscure Fanzine (1948-1949) with Keller, Bloch, Hoffman Price, and others

Here are some interesting vintage fanzines that show how the "names" really did what they could to support the local and regional fan magazines. They'd send letters, write short articles, pose for pictures, and anything else they could do to help with the circulation of these fanzines.

NUMBER 7, Vol. 2 No. 1 (February 1949)
Fiction – The Sea—Rex (by Evan H. APPELMAN), Library Notes (by Joe SCHAUMBURGER); Articles – Fantasy Collecting (by S. A. PEEBLES), Fantasy on Record (by R. H. RAMSAY), U-N-A-E-C—Will It Work? (by C. Lee RIDDLE); Letters from: Len MOFFATT, E. Hoffmann PRICE, Jim HARMON, et al.; Ski Duty (cartoon by Ed HUGHES). Cover by Jack R. WAIDA. * VERY GOOD-, back detached (but present). 22 pages. Addressed on back to: Robert F. (Flavie) CARSON (Rich Hill, MO.).

NUMBER 8, Vol. 2 No. 2 (May 1949 – Anniversary Issue)
The Key (by John A. KEEL), The Fallacy of Mass Rule (by Vaughn GREENE), Dear Editor (by C. Lee RIDDLE), The Experiment That Failed (by Edward W. LUDWIG), Why We Lost the Battle of Tel-Amen (by Donn BRAZIER), Library Notes (book review, by David H. KELLER), Lament for a Lost Love (verse, by Robert BLOCH), The First Modern Horror Novel (by Anthony BOUCHER), The Sacrifice (by Jack CORDES), A Suggestion (by Jack RIGGS). * GOOD+/VG-, old water staining at top corners. 32 pages. “R. Flavie Carson” penned inside front cover.


VOLUME 1 NUMBER 3 (October 1948)
Fiction – Identity (by Wally WEBBER); Poetry – North Plains Tale (by R. Flavie CARSON), The Thing in the Swamp (Jack CORDES), A Fan (by Franklin M. DIETZ, JR.), The Return of Nature (by David H. KELLER, M.D.); Articles – Let’s Graph It (by the editor), Frankenstein: 1817-1948 (by Claude PLUM). Cover by John GROSSMAN. * GOOD, old water staining to top corners and bottom edge, front detached at top staple, back detached (but present). 22 pages. Addressed on back to: Robert F. (Flavie) CARSON (Rich Hill, MO.). Pages 19 and 20 of PEON #2, LAID IN.

NUMBER 6 (January 1949)
Going Home (by D. MASON); The Happy Physicist To His Nymph and Ode Upon the NEW YORKER’s Discovery of Science Fiction (forced upon us by D. and V. MASON); Fantasy Collecting (by S. A. PEEPLES); The Green Letter (response by Thomas M. SAWRIE); Happy (?) New Year! (cartoon by Ed HUGHES). * GOOD+, old water staining to top corner, light soiling, double-hole punch throughout. 8 pages. Addressed on back to: Robert F. (Flavie) CARSON (Rich Hill, MO.).

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