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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rare Hanes Bok Illustrations

Art by Wayne Woodard aka Hannes "Hans" Bok. This is either a painting, or water color, or color pencil piece 8.5 by 11 on paper. signed "spotted deer" "Hans Bok" in pencil. It has a few minor issues, you can see the outline from the old frame. and there is a small blue mark on the bottom left corner (see photo).

It bears Bok's distinctive stamp in the lower right corner. Drawn on thin tracing paper, the art is in very good condition. The page measures approximately 11.75" x 8". ... HANNES "HANS" BOK (1914 - 1964), a pseudonym for Wayne Woodard, was an American illustrator and writer of fantasy fiction. His style could alternate between, or combine, lush romanticism and humorous grotesquery. His use of time-consuming glazing techniques for his paintings impacted his productivity and limited his output, and therefore his commercial success. Bok won the debut Hugo Award for Best Cover/Professional Artist in 1953.

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