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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Arkham House

Publication announcements
The following titles are now available:

THE ALIENS OF EARTH by Nancy Kress $20.95 For over a decade. Nancy Kress has written a succession of science-fantasy stories and novels in which a depth of imagination is conjoined to an uncommon perception of human nature. Even Kress’s most committed partisans, however, were unprepared for the appearance of her two awesomely accomplished nouvelles, ‘Beggars in Spain” and “And Wild for to Hold.” The former—a Nebula and Hugo recipient—has become a critically acclaimed novel: the latter—a time-travel adventure involving Anne Boleyn—explores the uneasy interface between technology and humanity as one of eighteen stories in this outstanding collection: “The Price of Oranges,” “Glass,” “People like Us,” “Cannibals.” “To Scale,” “Touchdown,” “Down behind Cuba Lake,” “In a World like This.” “Philippa’s Hands,” “Inertia,” “Phone Repairs,” “The Battle of Long Island,” “Renaissance,” “Spillage,” “The Mountain to Mohammed,” “Craps,””And Wild for to Hold,” and “In Memoriam,” With scratchboard interiors by Jane Walker. (ISBN 0-87054-166-8)
ALONE WITH THE HORRORS The Great Short Fiction of Ramsey Campbell $26.95 The decade of the eighties has witnessed an unprecedented proliferation in the mass production of “horror” fiction, but even in the midst of the horror boom, the short fiction of Ramsey Campbell and the photomontage artwork of J, K, Potter already have been accorded classic status. Alone with the Horrors serves both as a thirty-year retrospective (1961—1991) for Campbell and as a gallery of some of Potter’s most harrowing conceptions: whatever the determination of future generations on contemporary horror, this work will endure: “The Room in the Castle,” “Cold Print,” “The Scar.” “The Interloper,” “The Guy.” “The End of a Summer’s Day,” “The Man in the Underpass.” “The Companion,” “Call First,” “Heading Home.” “In the Bag.” “Baby,” “The Chimney, Stages,” “The Brood,”” Loveman’s Comeback.” “The Gap,” “The Voice of the Beach,” “Out of Copyright.” “Above the World.” “Mackintosh Willy.” “The Show Goes On,” “The Ferries,” “Midnight Hobo,” “The Depths.” “Down There,” “The Fit,” “Hearing Is Believing.” “The Hands,” “Again.” “Just Waiting,” “Seeing the World,” “Old Clothes,” “Apples,” “The Other Side.” “Where the Heart Is.” “Boiled Alive,” “Mother World,” and “End of the Line,” Extensively illustrated by J. K, Potter, “Alone with the Horrors, a virtual ‘best of the best,’ will assuredly rank as among the great short-story volumes of the genre—indeed, of the century,”—Weird Tales (ISBN 0-87054-165-X)
The following forthcoming titles will be released in the spring and autumn of 1994:
THE BREATH OF SUSPENSION by Alexander Jablokov probable price $20.95 Fantasy readers of a certain age will recall the untrammeled delight that attended their initial discovery of this field: how they used to forgo first-year algebra homework in order joyfully to romp through the pages of, say. The Weapon Shops of Isher, Years later. if you’re still reading fantasy but enjoying it less, you might rediscover that vanished sensawonder through the fiction of Alexander Jablokov, In these nouvelles and short stories, Jablokov reprises all the pyrotechnical zaniness of the Golden Age. albeit tinctured with the elegance and intelligence that one expects from modem science fiction, With illustrations by the great J. K. Potter, this first collection by the author of Carve the Sky confirms Jablokov as one of the finest contemporary fantasists: “The Breath of Suspension,” “Living Will.” “Many Mansions,” “The Death Artist.” “At the Cross-Time Jaunters’ Ball.” “Above Ancient Seas,” “Deathbinder,” “The Ring of Memory,” “Beneath the Shadow of Her Smile,” and “A Deeper Sea.” (ISBN 0-87054-167-6)
MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS by H. P. Lovecraft probable price $29.95 After years in preparation by editors. T. Joshi and the staff of Arkham House. the monumental Miscellaneous Writings at last is ready for publication. This massive assemblage of Lovecraftiana is organized into nine sections. each preceded by Joshi’s illuminating commentary: Dreams and Fancies. The Weird Fantasist, Mechanistic Materialist, Literary Critic. Political Theorist, Antiquarian Travels. Amateur Journalist, Epistolarian, and Personal. The individual works by Lovecraft—over eighty in number!—are too numerous to be listed here, but include such central statements as the “Commonplace Book.” “History of the Necron on’z icon.” ‘Discarded Draft of ‘The Shadow Over lnnsmouth, The Battle That Ended the Century,” “Lord Dunsany and His Work,” “Notes on Writing Weird Fiction,” “In Memoriam: Robert Ervin Howard.” “In Defence of Dagon,” “The Materialist Today,” “Observations on Several Parts of America,” ‘An Account of Charleston” (unabridged version), “Cats and Dogs,” “Some Notes on a Nonentity.” published letters to Edwin Baird and others, dozens of amateur-journalism pieces, the four prose poems and assortedjeug d’esprit, and much, much more. With the aggregate Joshi exegesis constituting a virtual minibiography, the Miscellaneous Writings will become the single most significant volume ever published by and about H. P. Lovecraft, (ISBN 0-87054168-4)
After thirty-two years of near-continuous affiliation with this company, Roderic Meng retired this past spring as Operations Manager and has been replaced by Karen Ganser. A lifelong resident of the Sac Prairie region, Karen brings years of managerial experience to her job and is presently putting Arkham House on-line with a new computerized system. Karen usually can be reached on weekday mornings between nine and eleven central time, and looks forward to hearing from customers old and new-;
Please do not order New Ta/es of the Cthulhu M0vthos. which at the moment is out-of-stock; the status of this title will be clarified in our next addendum. And the five following Arkham House books soon will go out-of-print, though limited stocks remain available at the indicated list prices: One Winter in Eden / Bishop ($13.95): From Evil’s Pillow I Copper ($6.00); Dreams of Dark and Light I Lee ($21.95); HPL- Dreamer on the Nightside I Long ($8.50); and Ctystal Express I Sterling ($18.95). Of the preceding titles, the Czystal Express first edition in particular has become a cultural icon of the cyberpunk movement, and when this Sterling collection is officially declared OP. the market value will skyrocket.
Since the last addendum, The Ends of the Earth by Lucius Shepard has received a World Fantasy Award, John Kessel’s Meeting in Infinity has been designated a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times, and in March 1993. James P. Blaylock and Arkham editor Jim Tumer were invited by the New York Public Library to a special ceremony honoring (among other books) Lord Kelvin’s Machine. Congratulations to all three authors!
ARKHAM HOUSE PUBLISHERS, Inc. P0 Box 546 Sauk City, WI 53583 October 1993

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