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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Notes are from the seller of the document

Up for auction is something both rare and quite unique, something of which may never appear again. Introducing the Eleventh World Science Fiction Convention. It was held at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel on Sept 5-7th in Philadelphia, 1953. This tradition of gathering authors began back in 1939 and continued onward like a shooting star. 639 members consisted of the Committee, some of which were Forrest J. Ackerman, L. Sprague de Camp, Robert Bloch, Al Feldstein, Al Williamson and Arthur C. Clarke.

This convention program has within its pages 9 autographs of some of the worlds most recognized authors of our time. Both pen and pencil were used to sign the book. Each signature is easy to see.

Willie Ley, Guest-of-Honor {1906-1969 died age 62}. German-American Science writer, who helped popularize rocketry and spaceflight. He also cowrote with Wernher Von Braun. Signature is in black ink.

Theodore Sturgeon {1918-1985 died age 67} Written screenplays for star Trek. "More than human", New Twilight Zone "Killdozer" Signiture is in light pencil

Isaac Asimov {1920-1992 died age 72} Foundation series, Galactic Empire series, Robot series. 14 honorary doctorates from various universities. Signature is in light pencil.

Samuel Mines {?} Editor for Thrilling Wonder Stories in 1951-1953 Bought "The Portable Star" from Isaac Asimov. Signature is in light pencil

L. Sprague de Camp {1907-2000 died age 93} Sword and Sorcery, Historical fiction. "Hand of Zei", "The Glory that Was" Various Conan tales. Signature is in blue ink.

Murray Fletcher Pratt {1897-1956 died age 59} "Land of Unreason" w/ L. de Camp, "Well of the Unicorn", "Blue Star", "Alien Planet" Wrote several books on historical wars. Signiture is in blue ink.

Dr. Edward E. Smith {1890-1965, died age 75} Wrote for Amazing Stories in 1930. "Lensman", "Skylark" Is known as the Father of Space Opera. Signature is in black ink.

Formula written by perhaps one of the signatures in the book.

Philip Jose Farmer {1918-2009 died age 91} "Riverworld", Tarzan, Doc Savage, many, many more. Hugo award winner. Signature is in blue ink.

Robert Bloch {1917-1994 died age 77} Author of Psycho and Psycho 2, several scripts for Star Trek, "American Gothic", "Yours truly, Jack the Ripper", "The Thing" Signature is in black ink.

You will not find such dignitaries of the Science Fiction realm ever collected like this before. It is indeed a treasure to find one, perhaps two autographs but 9 in one book? As for the mysterious formula, perhaps it is the good Dr. Samuel Mines or even Willie Ley who, with a keen sense of humor, added their own brand of humor. Be that as it may, you are bidding on a very special and extremely rare program.

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wow! amazing. .where you go it?good job amego=)


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