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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alva Rogers art

The 1945 cover art of Garden of Fear was a commission by artist Alva Rogers.

Here are two commsions from British Strange Tales (UK) the first from issue #1 February 1946.

and this one from Strange Tales #2 of March 1946.

This may have been one of the earliest commissions, Forest J Ackerman's "VOM - VOICES OF THE IMAGI-NATION"; Issue #37, Christmas, 1944; Illustrated rear cover by Alva Rogers. You can see that the Strange Tales cover is identical and basically a copy of VOM issue #37.

I can't confirm that the front cover is also Alva Rogers, but it certainly fits the artistic technique.


Rogers won a retro-Hugo with other artists for the year of 1946:

1946(awarded in 1996)
Bill Rotsler
Joe Gibson
Lou Goldstone, Jr.
Alva Rogers
Jack Wiedenbeck


Rogers was apparently a mainstay of the SF scene for decades, including this reported article: "Fandom As A Way of Life?" by Alva Rogers (Fan Guest of Honor speech Westercon XV Banquet, 1962

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