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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1959 Ted White - FAPA Controversy

Stand by for repercussions

… being a summary of the Ted White situation up to today, 7 December 1959 … it could be subtitled Echo of Blitzkrieg, or Ergebnisse der Sternentwicklung …


During my blitz visit to New York, Ted White told me that (being broke) he had spent the $10 advance on the postage for the late section of Mlg. {mailing #) 88 on food. He said that he'd be having a check from Playboy or Rogue within a week or two, and that the money would be paid back soon, or before FAPAcon time at least. He would, if sufficiently rich, be up for the FAPAcon; if only moderately well off, he would go to the conference in Philadelphia that weekend. I had the impression that FAPA's money would be returned before Ted would consider going to Philadelphia.

Came the FAPAcon. Came a phone call from the celebrants at Philadelphia, among whose joyous number was Ted White. Came no word from Ellik saying that the money had been repaid. Came the typing of the constitution, wherein is a clause saing, "In the absence of a formal controversy, each officer may decide for himself doubtful points concerning his duties." Came the thought: it would be but poetic justice to delay Ted's mailing until the debt is repaid, just as he delayed the last half of the 88th mailing …

Now read on.

(Message included with the check from Ron Ellik. FAPA Secretary-Treasurer, to pay for the postage on mlg. 88

23 Nov. 59
White has NOT paid the $10.00. Excellent idead, holding his bundle. He will probably complain.
- - Ron

(Undated letter to Larry Stark from Ted White, received here several days ago:)

PS To the Youngs:
Just received the FA in a separate envelope. What happened to the mailing? Are we Unfit, or something? Yes, we received extra copies on all the starred postmailings - - thot Sylvia'd said so. Received PM from Graham some time after the Detention, along with an apologetic note …

(Postcard postmarked 7 PM Dec 5, received today, from Ted White:)

I trust you are aware of the fact that you are illegally withholding our mailing. You have no authority to make such a decision, which is basically up to either the Sec-Treas or the President.

Since we are scarping along on a marginal existence at the moment, you have basically deprived us of the mailing - - as you are aware. It's a scummy practice on your part - - and unconstitutional as well.

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