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Monday, October 13, 2008

circa 1960 Catch Trap

Catch Trap 109
(Marion Zimmer-Bradley)
Circa 1960
{selected portions}

This is CATCH TRAP 105, dedicated to comments off the FAPA mailing numbered 105, and planned for appearance … there are some new members… who may like to be reminded that CATCH TRAP refers to my firm conviction that writing mailing comments for an organization like FAPA is roughly analogous to working the catcher's positing in a trapeze act - - you have to keep things swinging, you have to be ready to grab and throw back anything that comes your way, or else they are apt to fall to the ground with an unpleasant thunking sound … the writer of these mailing comments is Marion Zimmer Bradley …

By Moskowitz

One of the most neglected fantasy-s-f authors today is Robert W. Chambers. I don't know why some enterprising paperback publisher doesn't put out the two volumes of THE KING IN YELLOW and THE MYSTERY OF CHOICE. ++ Last semester I did a paper on the historicals of Chambers, and while examining book review sources for commentary on Chambers, discovered that during his lifetime he was regarded, first as a great writer, later as a hack; but that in the thirties, most authorities felt that "No collection of the American short story will hereafter be complete without a selection of the works of Chambers." He began to seem old-fashioned in the forties, but the critics who are now re-discovering Kipling, after a couple of decades of thinking him ridiculous and jingoistic, may soon re-discover Chambers. Speed the day …


Piedro Aillard-Syrtis said...
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Piedro Aillard-Syrtis said...


noticed you have excerpts from two Marion Zimmer Bradley fanzines here, Catch Trap and Discord.

I'm a huge MZB fan and been collecting stuff by her, but I've never come across these earlier (although I knew about Catch Trap). It would be great to see scans of the rest of the fanzines here or some other site.


Petri Peltonen


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